1 - Introductions

January 21, 2018

Welcome. I hope you enjoyed scouring my website for the blog link. Now that you're here, I'd like to tell you a little about my favorite subject - myself.


My name is Quinn Wolf, I'm a trans woman who works in audio production and voiceover. I'm currently a student at Missouri State University studying Mass Media and Recording Arts. Against all odds and reasonable suggestions, I'm pursuing a career in radio. Since there's no jobs in the shambling corpse of the radio industry, I stumbled into becoming an entrepreneur.


My biggest accomplishment and current occupation is Luminous Studios, a podcast network created by myself and my friends Cole Shepard and Jack Grimes. The three of us run the network like a cooperative, splitting hosting costs between members and doing our best to make interesting audio shows. The stated focus of Luminous Studios is promoting "thoughtful critique and responsible comedy", which just means that we like talking about pop culture and goofing off. We have a handy list of our current shows on Twitter.


I make two shows for Luminous Studios, one of which comes out every other week and the other is in pre-production. The currently-airing show is called This Thing is Bad, which I co-host with Jack. TTiB is a show where Jack and I share our controversial opinions on pop culture darlings like Star Wars, Sonic the Hedgehog, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Despite our inflammatory posturing, TTiB is a show for fans and haters alike. We encourage our listeners to dig into their favorite stories and media to be more critical consumers.


The show in pre-production is called #CONTENT, which I co-host with Cole. The two of us have a deep love for multimedia analysis, and we use culture as a jumping-off point to discuss philosophical and artistic topics. In some ways, #C serves as a counterpoint to TTiB to let me gush about my favorite books or TV shows or online phenomena in a productive setting.


As most creators know it can be hard to describe ones self outside of the things one makes, but I'll do my best. I grew up in a horrifically tiny town in the middle of Missouri (It's called Tipton. We have 1,500 people and one stop light.) and moved to Springfield for college. You might recognize me around campus by my purple hair or my gaudy red headphones. I spend most of my time listening to music or podcasts or catching up on YouTube videos. I'm a fan of podcasts like Reply All, The Adventure Zone, This American Life, and Waypoint Radio. If you ever need recommendations for podcasts (or you want a style guide for the upcoming podcast assignment), please come talk to me. As for video, I watch video essayists like Errant Signal and Innuendo Studios, plus a smattering of gaming, tech, and political channels. I'm interested in postmodern literary analysis and the philosophical ethics of Internet culture, and I am easily distracted by magnets.


Thanks for taking the time to indulge my narcissism. I'd love it if you'd take a listen to my cover album back on my home page. If you like it, it's available on my Bandcamp or Patreon pages. Have a wonderful day!

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