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Quinn Wolf




Quinn Wolf is a musician and podcast host from Springfield, Missouri. She's been producing audio since 2013 for projects from audio dramas and multimedia storytelling to YouTube channels and video games. Her expertise lies in spoken word performance and editing.

Quinn uses chiptune-styled synthesizers and toy instruments from the late '80s to create her unique musical textures. She describes her music as "chiptune-adjacent lofi synth bedroom pop", or more succinctly, "queerpop".

In 2017, Quinn and a group of talented friends created Luminous Studios, a podcast collective focused on highlighting up-and-coming creators. She currently serves on its executive board and frequently guests on its various shows.

current projects

Luminous Studios \ Podcast Network
thoughtful critique and responsible comedy


BackwardsFlow \ Original Synthpop Music

quinn is transgenre queerpop

Transhaping \ Game Soundtrack

the tale of an extraordinary shape


past projects

ColorQuest \ Multimedia Webcomic
music composer, voice actress | 2014-15

The Quinnsider \ Internet Mystery Podcast
host, editor | 2016-17

This Thing is Bad \ Pop Culture Podcast

co-host, editor | 2017-18

KTnC \ Voice Acting Group

administrator, voice actress | 2014-15


Game Thesis \ Parody Gaming Videos
writer, voice actress | 2015-16